1. showreel

    This is the link to my narrative showreel..



  2. Couple of snaps from corporate testimonials..


  3. Nature of the Beast

    I’ve been extremely busy down on the East coast shooting my second graduate film. A short film about survival, and the power struggle between two people.


  4. Candlelight emulator

    Some of the scenes in ‘Residue’ were set at night time with the only motivated light sources coming from the window (moonlight) and a single candle held by our subject. I asked for the candle to be double wicked to give off a little bit more ambient light but i knew it still wouldn’t be enough. So I built these candle light emulators which manually could augment a candle light flicker. 

    The bulbs I tested were halogen 70w bulbs with colour temperature of 2900k but dimmed down they drop to around 2000k ( similar to the warmth of candle light)


  5. Residue film grabs

    So we concluded our graduate film ‘Residue’ recently. Here’s a few frame grabs from some test graded footage.


  6. B.B.B

    Some more commissioned b.t.s work for Chris Fishers Birth Bliss or Becoming short film. 

    Pentax k1000
    Ilford hp5 pushed 2 stops


  7. Sets

    So Steve and I headed down to the studio. Armed with a car full of scrap wood we set about building the ramps for water to be poured onto our reluctant talent. It looks a bit ghetto but its actually a very intricate fully adjustable design! All thats left to do now is for the production designer to wallpaper the set. 

    The pool is bigger than it looks…


  8. Residue- Graduate Film

    We’ve been busy cracking on with our graduate film. A story of a couple who move inland to escape an ambiguous, impending threat. Taking fort at a recently left cottage they meet an old man, Albert, who is the catalyst in opening themselves and their issues to one another. But will they have time with the threat looming ever closer.

    The script has been finalised, cast and crew have been sorted and story boards are underway. We’ve been busy testing certain sequences which i will post later on.


  9. Kodak Commercial

    Quick update on the Butlins Big weekend commercial we shot back in January in competition as part of the Kodak/Naheemi student commercial competition. As part of the rules we were given one kodak stock ( I opted for the 7207 250d ) and we were allowed to shoot no more other than that. 

    The university backed the project so we had a great sr3 rig and set of zeiss super speeds which was nice!

    The background was lit with a 800w profoto hmi at 2.8 and our subject was lit with a 575hmi through a 6x6 diffusion at f4. We had a small kino as fill and a mini par just edging her.

    Believe it or not it was pitch black outside! Love those powerful HMIs.

    The sr3 weighed a ton. Can’t comprehend how the camera guys of yesteryear dealt with the weight over a days shoot!


  10. Cassie Lomas Fashion

    Our second trip to Cassie Lomas’ makeup academy, this time to promote the school itself.  Great atmosphere and always a pleasure to work there.